A love date at a young museum in Amsterdam

Shante Abdo

Do you want to spend a special afternoon in love? It can be with your partner, friends or even alone. When we said you’ll have a love date, we meant you’ll love the art on display at the Moco Museum. Located on the world-famous Museumplein square, this young man has brought a different way of enjoying art to Amsterdam. While other museums only focus on the history of their art pieces, which can be boring for many people, this particular museum Amsterdam focuses on diversity. When you have access to a wide variety of art styles, it is almost impossible not to connect with many of them. In fact, many people admit that their perspective on certain aspects of life changes once they visit this museum.

What’s so special about it that makes you love it?

Most people say that museums are boring. The reality is that if a museum focuses only on one type of art, chances are high that it will be boring. That’s precisely what Lionel and Kim Logchies avoided when they founded the Moco Museum in 2016. They created a space that would be fun, crazy, and full of variety because that’s what society is like. Every human being is different from the other. Each person is able to get a piece of art that they identify with in some way. This is where love arises. In this museum in Amsterdam the question “what if?” takes on a new meaning. There are pieces of art that break with paradigms to show that being different is also good. This museum bets on diversity in a world where diversity is important to live better.

Where can you see more about this museum in Amsterdam?

The answer is very obvious. If you want to know all the works they have on display, then you have to visit their website. But keep in mind that some exhibits are rotated. That is, the Moco Museum usually rotates some of its exhibitions. It is a way to open spaces to more and more art. On the website, you can buy your ticket by choosing the date and time you would like to visit this museum. If you have never been to a museum before, remember to follow the directions provided by the staff. Do you have questions about this museum in Amsterdam? Contact customer support for assistance. Never travel or go to the museum if you are unsure about anything.

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