American Heart Association CPR Guidelines: Upcoming Changes For CPR Training

Shante Abdo

This October the updated 2010 CPR guidelines were released by the American Heart Association. What changed? Here’s the down and dirty of what’s to come in 2010:

If you took a CPR class in the past, you probably remember “A-B-C.” This stood for Airway, Breathing, and Circulation. Now the AHA has found that compressions (circulation) are the most important and they have changed it to “C-A-B” with compressions first. An emphasis on quality CPR is included as well. Quality CPR encompasses:

1.) Minimizing interruptions between compressions and breaths

2.) Adequate compression depth of at least 2″ (for adult victims)

3.) Allowing complete chest recoil after pushing down on the chest.

Hands-Only CPR is encouraged for untrained members of the public, but compressions and breaths are preferred for those trained in CPR. These guidelines will go into effect as soon as all of the new training materials are released (expected early 2011). As always, the worst thing that you can do in a situation where someone is unconscious and not breathing is nothing. Make sure that you have someone call 911, get an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) if one is available, and start CPR as soon as possible.

According to studies by the American Heart Association, for every minute that someone is unconscious and not breathing they have a 7-10% less chance of survival. Although it varies by region, fire department response times can range anywhere from 4-10 minutes or more. Bystander CPR training is the key to saving more lives and protecting our loved ones.

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