Be A Challenge To Your Girlfriend And Change Your Relationship For The Better!

Shante Abdo

Have you ever thought that you could be a challenge to your girlfriend and spice up your love life? If you are concerned about your relationship and afraid that your girlfriend might dump you if things become dull and boring, there are a few things you can do to change your relationship for the better.

Women are attracted to a guy who is not afraid to live life on their terms and even if it means that they need to learn more tolerance, it still is very appealing to them. Most women do not want a “Yes” man long-term. They want someone who is interesting and a challenge, and who can more than meet them half-way in the relationship.

So how do you achieve this? Does this mean you need to totally remake yourself for your girl?


You don’t want to take this too far for a couple of reasons: first, no person should be expected to change themselves completely for someone else, then it is not you that they love, and second, it can backfire on you and they can leave you if the change is too drastic – you won’t be the person they fell in love with.

Without making too drastic a change, here are a few ideas to get you started:

If your girlfriend seems to be taking you for granted a little, become a little less available. For example, if she calls last-minute and expects you to drop everything and go, let her know that you have other plans and you need a little more notice next time. This gives her the message that you have other things in your life too. Even though she is important to you, she needs to respect that.

If you are always the one to arrange outings and ask her out, stop doing this as frequently and see what she does. She may step up and begin to share this responsibility with you or she may become upset with you. This gives you both the opportunity to get your relationship on a more even keel. It is not about keeping score but about demonstrating your value and worth to her.

If she expects you to pay for outings each time and she earns as much as you do or more, then perhaps after the first couple of dates she could share the cost of paying her way. So how do you convey that? Before you go out determine how it is going to be paid for so that you both know beforehand and are prepared. Most women won’t mind paying for themselves some of the time, just as long as they know in advance what to expect.

If you seem to do everything together, take some time out to get together with friends as well. Do not neglect your friends when you are in a relationship; it is very easy to do and is not fair on your friends or you. In a healthy growing relationship you both should be able to catch up with your friends without each other on occasions without feeling threatened about it.This is where relationship trust comes in.

If you are always the one to initiate sex, let your girlfriend know that it would be exciting if she took charge on occasions and then let her. Be a little less amorous at times but when she does make a move, let her know that you like it.

You can be a challenge to your girlfriend without changing yourself too drastically and becoming someone she does not know and did not fall in love with. By changing your relationship up a little, you can certainly add a little more spice into your love life and keep your girl interested and taking more notice of you.

Women love a man who knows his own mind, and knows how to please them without being overly eager to please. She is attracted to a confident, interested and interesting man, who commands respect and consideration from the people around him. So become a bit more of a challenge to your girlfriend and you can change your relationship with her for the better! If you don’t, you run the risk of losing her to someone who is.

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