Christian Codependency: Four Things That Will Make You Enjoy Your Life

Shante Abdo

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the pressures, stresses, and demands of life? Christian codependency will rob you of the ability to enjoy your life by keeping you overwhelmed, stressed, unable to say no, and unwilling to take care of yourself, because it convinces you that you have no choice but to push harder and do more. Ecclesiastes 5:18 says, “It is good for people to eat, drink, and enjoy their work under the sun” (NLT). Here are four things you can do that will make you enjoy your life:

1. Simplify your life. There are many things that you simply have to do, but you can do those things simpler. Think of all the things you have to do, identify the ones that are dispensable and make a decision to cut them out. With those that are left, figure out ways to do them that will take less time and effort. Good examples are plastic silverware for parties, potlucks instead of fixing the whole meal, making twice as much of a meal so it lasts for two nights, or waiting to run an errand until you are already in the neighborhood. Simplifying the things you have to do will give you more time to do the things you love to do.

2. Ask for help. It is sometimes seems easier to do it yourself than to let someone else do it (especially when children are involved), but it will burn you out. You have to get into the habit of asking others to help you by asking specifically and directly for what you need. Busy people tend to do it all and not take the time to ask for help, but once you see that others can help, you will wish you had asked long ago.

3. Rest and recoup. The more pressure and demands you have, the more time you need to take for yourself. It seems as if it would be the opposite, because it is just one more thing to do. But you will find that the better you take care of yourself, the easier it will be to meet the demands of life and you will enjoy your tasks instead of dread them. Everything is difficult when you are tired and worn-out. Approaching a task with energy will make you like it more.

4. Say no. It sounds easy, but it is something you will have to learn if you have trouble saying it. “No” is the only word that can change your life. Say no to anything that you don’t really want to do or have to do. Say no if you don’t really want to say yes. Say no if you want to say yes out of guilt. Say yes only if it is something you really want to do or have to do.

God wants you to enjoy your life, including your work. Doing these four simple things will make you enjoy your life and end your Christian codependency.

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