Free Agent Imperial & Stiletto

Shante Abdo

Free Agent Imperial & Stiletto not only are 2 of the most competent BMX bike models out there but those bikes are also characterized by a very unique designing style. In this article you’ll read about 2 of the most popular BMX bikes pumped out by Free agent and you will also be given a few quick tips and lookouts to have in mind if you are considering to get one.

Bear in mind that the BMX market is wide enough to give you a little headache while trying to choose the correct ride for you; basically, all you need to do is to be equipped with some knowledge before you go out for the BMX safari. After all, doing some homework is never bad!

First on the list is the ‘Free Agent – Imperial’. If you are what others would consider “the bigger rider” then this bike is definitely something you should consider. Simply put, its frame is fantastic! Not only it is very resistant but the shape is very attractive too. Additionally, the bikes weight has been significantly reduced and you have the ability to go for lots of updates if you wish to. On the other side, the only flaw of this bike is that its FA brake should be a little tighter; the sealed crank could be stock too, but that’s not something hard to get around. The bike comes in white/red/black color schemes and it’s mostly aimed towards advanced riders. All in all, this bike is worth the money for sure.

The second one is the sexily/gang named ‘Free Agent – Stiletto’. Some people will tell you that they totally adore this bike while some will stay indifferent and be like “whatever”. This happens because this bike, although it’s very good in general, its not very effective for grinding. It can be good for flatland but certainly not for grinding and BMX riders, love grinding. Other than that, this bike is very resistant and you will have very few problems with it. One last thing to note here is that you should keep a close look at the crank because after a while it will start doing a click-like noise, if you are riding your bike hard of course! Finally, regarding the price, all I can say is that it’s very good if you look at the what you give / what you get ratio.

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