Garment District – The Ultimate Destination For Bargain and Discount Shopping in New York

Shante Abdo

New York is made up of the dreams of its occupants, is a haven for the eccentric, the home of the famous, the backdrop of many films, featured in lyrics and one of the world’s most infamous cities. Welcoming the world with open arms, just about every nationality can be found living, working and entertaining in the city. Appease your appetite for culture, romance, nightlife, shopping and endless other activities when you visit New York.

Shopping in New York is a mission just about every tourist should undertake. There is so much to buy, from international labels to home grown brands, shopping in this city has endless possibilities. The Garment District found in the borough of Manhattan, between Fifth and Ninth Avenues was the center for manufacturing fashion and fashion design up until the early part of the 20th century. Today, visitors will find warehouses of elite brands and workshops dedicated to the fashion industry.

The ultimate destination for bargain and discount shopping in New York, visitors to the Garment District can walk away with clothes and perfumes at just a fraction of the cost. Beyond the manufacture of garments, designers are known to frequent the area for trimmings, silks, fine wool, decorator fabrics, vinyl, cotton fabric, beads, buttons and other accessories. Fashion shows are also a common occurrence in the Garment District of New York. Visitors will get a chance to see what the latest trends are and upcoming seasonal fashion at the fashion shows in the Garment District.

To get the best out of your shopping in this popular tourist attraction of NY, visitors should partake in a tour of the area. Tours will take you to the best warehouses for shopping, and open door to areas that are usually restricted to the general public.

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