Google Webmaster Guidelines

Google Webmaster Guidelines

Google is the top search engine and though it has depreciated in terms of visitor-cornering after the yahoo-split, it is still the highest-ranked search engine. This is why you have to be in the good books of Google if you want your site to do well and generate revenue. Following Google’s webmaster guidelines becomes very important in this context.

Google lays great importance on neat text links. Moreover, in order to have a navigable site; Google clarifies that a site in operation must have one minimum static text link through which all the pages on the site can be reached. The first point is neat text links. In fact, often even the texts are camouflaged. The color of text gels with the background. This is a manipulative technique to run through the Google spiders. Such texts are generally unsolicited contents. Google takes great care to filter these out. So be in the know.

Google stresses on text links because often it cannot read images. Images generated through flash pages and flash splash pages are instantly filtered out by Google algorithms, no matter how good they are. So your web developer knows what to do about these.

Google uses bots or crawler or spider to retrieve information from a site. Images hinder such information. The search engine copies the web content on its index and uses it to siphon visitors for the site on a later day. Obviously, you have to be high up on the Google ranking ladder for this to happen. A Google spider simulator is software that will quickly let you know what part of your site is available to be trapped by Google. Make necessary changes and you will be right up there.

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