How to Learn to Play Electric Guitar and Amaze Your Friends in No Time

Shante Abdo

Do you want to impress your friends with playing on your electric guitar?
Wouldn’t it be the coolest thing to show off to your friends how good you are on your guitar?
Well that certainly is quite easy actually when you know a few simple and easy tricks of how to learn to play electric guitar!
The biggest problem with playing the guitar is that “you think” it takes years to learn but the simply truth is that you can learn to play pretty impressive electric guitar in just a few weeks or months, if you know how, that is!
The secret to learn to play electronic guitar fast is to have a little endurance and determination, that’s all. And the good thing is that you already have this because you already WANT to play the electric guitar. And therefor you are enthusiastic to learn to play it.
OK, now that we know this, the following step is making an action plan to be able to learn the quickest time with minimal effort!
And the secret is this! If you want to learn to play electric guitar really good with minimum time you need to make an action plan that goes something like this:
– Play everyday for 1 hour or more (that depends how much you can stay focused and alert. When you feel tired stop and take a break).
– Learn from video. This is very important. It will shorten your learning time considerably. Forget about learning from paper that is just taking too much time.

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