How To Potty Train A Puppy Indoors

Shante Abdo

Having a puppy is great. It brings you many laughs and many joys. It brings you companionship when you need it and your puppy will never judge. But all this tender love and care doesn’t come without problems. Your puppy will often urine and go poop in your precious carpet or bed and that can be a major headache. You are wondering right now how you can potty train a puppy and I am going to teach you how.

If you find that your dog has urinated or gone poop where it is not supposed to then what you want to do is take your puppy to the site of the incident and tell it no in a stern voice. There is a problem with this. Your puppy will most likely not know what you are talking about and not figure out why you are saying no.

The best thing to do is to catch it in the act of urinating or pooping and startling your dog with a stern no! Your puppy will make the immediate connection that you are scolding it because it urinated in that place of the house. Next you want to take it to where you want it to do its activity and keep him or her there until he finishes. If he doesn’t want to go, just keep the dog there. When it does go, praise your puppy and give it a treat. It will learn, with repeated actions that it should urinate and go poop there.

Another thing you can go is put some beans in a aluminum can and when you see your puppy going where it is not supposed you, you rattle the can and it will get startled. It will learn that going there will cause the sound to go off. Since the sound is so startling, it will quickly learn to not go there. If you see it going where it is supposed to, don’t rattle the can, instead praise it, say good boy or girl and pet it. They will make the mental connection or praise and petting and figure out that what he/she did there is good and will keep going there.

You may have to do it several times and can take some time for your puppy to learn so please be patient with it. Don’t hit your dog. Hitting will only make it fear you and you don’t want it to fear you, you want it to respect you and obey you. Positive reinforcement is much more effective in animals so positively reinforce your dog when he/she does something right.

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