How to Potty Train Your Dog in Five Simple Steps

Shante Abdo

Potty training your dog might seem like a huge task but if you follow these simple steps I am about to give you it will be a lot easier than you might imagine. Everything will seem difficult at first because you don’t know how to do things but after reading this How to Potty Train Your Dog Guide you don’t have to worry no more.

Point #1
The first thing you need to do is to make it clear to your dog that you are in charge. A dog will need a strong leader figure and that is your job as a pet owner. Having a dog is not much different than having a child. It will test your limits at every chance it gets until you have made it realize that you are in command. The best way to do this is to give your dog a little tap when it pees indoor and tell it “bad dog” in a firm voice so there can be no doubt that it has done something that you disapprove. There is no need to yell or to tap your dog hard. The dog will easily understand what you mean.

Point #2
Another point in how to potty train your dog is that you need to not only show your dog that you disapprove but you will also need to show it what it should do instead. Right after telling the dog in a firm tone that you’re not satisfied take it by the scruff and carry it outside. To grip it by the scruff will also be a sign of dominance as that is how the dog’s mother would carry it when it is a puppy.

Point #3
Every day you need to potty train your dog outside. By observing your dog you will easily realize when it is time to go outside. Immediately take the dog with you outside and don’t let it go in until it has finished its business. Use the same command every time to teach your dog what it is that you want it to do outside. When it is done be sure to praise it and tell it that it is a “good dog” in a loving tone.

Point #4
When accidents happen indoor be sure to clean it up the best you know how to remove all smell. Dogs will want to create more “accidents” in the same places if it can sense the smell from earlier happenings.

Point #5
Potty training your dog will take some time to perfect but if you just hang in there you’ll soon have taught you dog that it must go outside to do its thing. Don’t give up if it takes you a week or two to train your dog. That is just normal and every pet owner will go through the same process.

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