How to Remove Exploit JS Agent Bab

Shante Abdo

The Exploit JS Agent bab has become one of the most commonly circulate malware programs in the world right now, so much so that it has been listed as #5 in various lists of the most prominent and problematic malware, adware and virus programs doing the rounds these days. The Exploit JS Agent bab worm is one of the hundreds of malware programs on the internet that confuse unsuspecting users into accepting and installing the programs into the computers and then wreck the working of the computer while also helping the sender/ creator to gain unlawful access to the computer system.

The Exploit JS Agent bab functions by attacking the faults in the computer system, especially preying on the CVE-2010-0806 which is a known faulty component. The Exploit JS Agent bab makes the computer system prone to downloading numerous threatening programs.

The first step to removing the Exploit JS Agent bab is to change some of the computer settings. The automated System Restore settings have to be undone for sometime. To do this, you have to choose to ‘temporarily disable’ the System Restore settings on the computer.

The next step is to restart the computer. Rebooting the computer will present you with the command prompt for choosing which mode to start the computer in. the computer has to be rebooted in the Safe Mode in this step.

The next step is to launch the task manager when the computer has been booted. You can do this by accessing the task manager from the Start menu button. Once the task manager is open you need to go to the Processes tab. This tab displays all the ongoing activities in the computer. When this list is displayed you have to search through the list for all the ongoing processes associated with Exploit JS Agent bab. The next step is to individually select each of these processes and right click on them and then choose remove/ stop/ delete.

Once you have done this you can also search for all the files associated to Exploit JS Agent bab in the search box from the start menu. The search box will present you with a command box or entry field where you can type in the name of the virus and specify the locations the computer should look in and then click on ‘search’. This will display a list of all the fragment files. By manually removing each of these files from the computer system you can ensure an entirely clean computer system in no time.

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