How to Train a Puppy in 3 Steps by Trying Dog Crate Training!

Shante Abdo

Dog crate training is one of the most important things that dog owners should do when learning how train puppy. Learning this will keep your pup safe from those dangerous and questionable house hold objects. It is very unfortunate that many dogs injure themselves and are killed every year from biting on wires, ingesting poisonous chemicals and swallowing harmful objects. This could have been avoided by just learning how train puppy from the start. So, try these three steps when your Dog Crate Training:

Step one, when the pup appears to be interested in his cage, cue the crate command each time, then be sure to praise him repeatedly after. Duplicate this as often as you can. You will begin seeing the pup become more interested each time.

Step two, repetition is the key when learning how train puppy effectively. After you see that your pup is interested, reduce the treating to only when your dog starts walking toward the dog crate training, then wait until he reaches his crate.

Step three, be for you know it, the dog will be frequently visiting his crate just hoping for those treats. At that point, hold off on praising him with treats until he goes into the cage and sits down for you. You should learn how train puppy gradually. You will master dog crate training when the pup steps inside the crate, sits down and allows you to close the crate door. You should treat him through the door at this point.

I came across this great free video that has a detailed dog training lessons on it, so I included it in the highlighted link at the bottom. It has all the basics covered, so be sure to watch it. Everyone should start dog crate training and learn how train puppy sooner then later to insure that your dog will always be safe.

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