How to Train to Be a Bodybuilder – High Volume Training For Bodybuilding

Shante Abdo

From a very early stage in a career in bodybuilding, any one who wants to know how to train to be a bodybuilder should be aware of and applying the method of weight training that involves ten sets of ten repetitions each, of any exercise relevant for the purpose.

This can help to increase lean mass, in terms of development of the muscles, within a fairly short period of time. Several Olympic athletes have been making use of the technique and it is often recommended by leading strength coaches to their charges. Some highly successful bodybuilders, some of whom have gone on to become movie-stars, have also used it and achieved substantial results.

The inventor of the technique is not known, even as many have claimed to have invented it. It can prove especially useful, when the results achieved through another exercise routine begin to plateau, after it has been used for a certain length of time.

The method is known to have been in use since the early 1960s and can always be relied upon to achieve good results by any one who knows how to train to be a bodybuilder.

Selection of weight

When all ten sets of ten repetitions can be performed with ease, the weight being lifted should be increased. On the other hand, if it becomes difficult to perform all ten repetitions, after a few sets, the weight should be reduced. It is ideal to select a weight with which one can perform about fifteen repetitions, to start with.

Adequate rest between sets

It is normal for each subsequent set to become progressively challenging, on account of fatigue. It is important, however, that the period of rest between successive sets should not exceed a minute. If it exceeds a minute, the kind of benefits derived from the routine are likely to diminish considerably, as any one who is aware as to how to train to be a bodybuilder would know.

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