Is A Destination Wedding Right For You? The 5 Questions You Must Ask Yourself!

Shante Abdo

Destination weddings are for sure rising in status. During a slow economy brides are getting creative when planning their wedding. Among other great benefits, a destination wedding is a perfect way to get a luxury wedding on a tight budget. Of course there still are many couples who follow the conventional route of a religious ceremony, with a reception held in a large banquet hall, destination weddings are undoubtedly an upcoming and new style with many couples wishing to tie the knot.

Is a Destination wedding the right option for you?

Things to consider when planning a destination wedding:

• Do you want only immediate family and friends to come with you, or a bigger wedding party? This is crucial to determining your wedding budget.

• Can all of your guests manage to pay for the traveling costs?

• Can you manage to pay for all your guests who travel with you?

• Do you want to give a second reception back home for friends and family who could not travel with you?

• Is privacy essential to you? Your guests could potentially enclose you for the whole period of your wedding and honeymoon if that’s where you choose to stay.

Don’t forget that you would be inviting your guests to take the trip with you. However, it’s most probable that your guests will be paying their own way and are basically planning their complete holiday around your wedding. As a result, you will have to give substantial thinking in what both you and your guests want to do prior to and subsequent to the wedding.

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