Make Him Chase You – Challenge Him!

Shante Abdo

What is the secret to making a man chase you? Wouldn’t you love to have guys waiting in line to get your attention? Wouldn’t it be quite satisfying to watch guys do the pursuing? This is every woman’s dream. If you want to learn how to make it happen, follow along.

Unfortunately, a guy is not going to jump up on his own and ask to do more work to get a relationship going. This has never happened and most likely never will. It is up to you to dangle the proverbial carrot to get him going.

The secret is to challenge him. Get his attention and then make him work to get yours. How do you make this happen? Play hard to get. He’s noticed you and he’s interested; so what is the next step?

Let him make the connection. You can smile or glance back but leave it up to him to come over and make initial contact. All of a sudden, he feels a sense of competition; he’s challenged to jump in the game and see if he can make the girl spend her time on him. Do not make it easy on him – that is the whole idea of playing hard to get. Show him just enough attention to convey your interest, but leave it up to him to stick around and make conversation or try to get your contact information for a future date.

He has now passed the first stage and he is working on moving forward to the next step. You can make him keep chasing you because the challenge has now intensified. Can he get you to go out with him? Maintain a little intrigue by letting a few phone calls go unanswered. Definitely call him back, but give it a little time so that he sees the busy, active life you lead. Show him your delight in wanting to get together with him so he feels secure; but, add a little difficulty in settling on a day and time. He’s challenged once again by knowing he has to work to fit in to your life.

Do you see the idea? You can get a man to chase by remembering one thing. Give him a challenge and he will be giving his all.

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