Mind Reading Techniques and Tips to Become a Mentalist

Shante Abdo

Magic and mentalism always amaze people – young or old. Most often, when we are amazed by how magicians and mentalists perform their craft or do their mind reading techniques, we always have that excitement to learn how to do it too. But as they say, magic is not for everyone. So if you are interested in mentalism, not as an audience but the performer, of course you need to practice, practice and practice.

Mind reading is one of the amazing techniques of magic and mentalism, together with levitation of course. Even if it involves a simple card reading or giving a stranger the idea that you can read what is on his mind, mind reading always amazes people. Of course, if you want to learn the techniques and tips of mind reading, you need a lot of time to practice. If you intend to do mind reading as part of your entertainment stunt, it will not just happen right there and then.

If you want to become like those famous mentalists, you have to learn the trade and learn to do mentalism effectively. Here are some tips that may be useful to help you develop that great personality of a great magician.

To be able to perform mind reading, you have to be a keen observant and you must develop your mental acuity. One of the mind reading techniques that is commonly used in mentalism is reading the person or a stranger according to how he moves, or the way he dresses, or the way he responds to your questions and comments, or just being able to deduce something from the fine details you see in a person. Sometimes it can even be commonsense. This technique is referred to as cold reading.

Although you have your techniques in your craft, it is important also to understand how the human mind works. If you want to make your audience believe that you indeed have that supernatural power to read minds or move objects from a distance, you must also have to practice mind control and you must have a good understanding of the mind works too.

Performing magic and mentalism itself can be a science and an art, so if you want to be a magician or a mentalist, you need to have a fair knowledge of the basic science concepts too aside from perfecting your art. Understanding gravity, force, air pressure and many other concepts in physics can also be helpful as you develop more and more techniques in your performance.

Mentalism is not just about mind reading techniques too. Especially if you are new to performing magic, you do not just master your techniques but you also have to develop that entertainment value in your performances.

To be a great magician and performer, you also have to recognize the importance of constant practice in perfecting your craft. One thing that you would not want is to have a performance that is a flop. So before attempting to entertain people with mentalism and psychic abilities, you have to make sure that you have perfected your mind reading techniques and other tools you use in your performances.

Having an engaging personality will help too in executing your mind reading techniques, your magic or your mental stunts. Having an attractive personality can also be a way to get your audience attention and captivate them while doing your magic.

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