Model Trains – Modeling Buildings For a Realistic Layout

Shante Abdo

Even if you aren’t an architect you can enjoy making model railroad buildings. Sometimes it’s just too hard to find that perfect building or bridge or train station that we can picture so we may just have to build it on our own.

So is it complicated? Do you have to be educated or handy with tools or can you just use what you find around the house?

You may need to do some miter cuts or need to know some advanced woodworking and use some tools if you’re trying to get that perfect copy of something you’ve seen. Or you can take existing models and pilfer parts to start your buildings and make other modifications as you go.

All you will need for this is your imagination and a few basic tools such as an X-acto knife and scissors.

Some other items that are useful could include balsa wood and glue, foam, mat board and cardboard and maybe even lightweight plastic.

Plaster and corkboard along with foils and spray glues can come in handy. Glitter and beads may add that little extra as well. Hobby stores should carry anything that you are looking for.

Where to find Further Ideas

Many tips and articles have been written for magazines and a good place to look for these is either in a book store for a new book or second hand store for a used book or maybe even your library. You can also find them on eBay, Amazon and other websites on the internet, often for much less than you would pay in a bookstore.

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