NCIS Character Analysis – Agent Kate Todd

Shante Abdo

Agent Caitlin Todd was an NCIS agent, recruited from the Secret Service. She was beautiful, talented, and confident agent. She was extremely observant, especially in the episode where Ari tries to fool her with the old cup and balls magic trick. Kate had a very strong relationship with DiNozzo, similar to a brother-sister. They often would get into immature fights about nothing in particular, and it gave an extra humorous element to the show. Agent Todd was a determined fighter, and the most compassionate special agent of NCIS.

Agent Todd did not like to hide behind an emotional wall. When something bothered her, she would not make an extra effort to hide it. She had a very innocent way about her, that led us to believe that she had the highest morals out of any NCIS agent. She was also a mystery, not talking about her personal life. The opposite of Agent DiNozzo. Humble is one of the main words I would use to describe agent Todd. She is good and she knows it.

One admirable quality for a person is compassion, but not necessarily for a Federal Agent. Kate Todd was the most compassionate agent, which ultimately led to her demise. When given the opportunity to kill Ari, she couldn’t go through with it, mentioning something about ‘his eyes’. It is very rare for eyes to lie about the identity of a person, but Ari was an expert in so many things. Because Agent Todd’s compassion got in the way, she was unable to be fully immersed in her job. At certain times, compassion is not the best emotion to have. Kate was unable to hit the ‘off switch’ on her compassionate nature, and it ultimately didn’t serve her well.

Now that we know who she is, let’s answer a basic questionnaire about what Agent Todd would do in certain situations:

Q1. Your best friend has just lost a loved one, how do you handle it?

A. Being the extremely supportive, compassionate person that she is, Agent Todd would put a situation like this high above her work. She wouldn’t hesitate to leave work for a while to comfort her best friend. She is an excellent person with high morals and generosity.

Q2. You just won $1,000,000 from a lottery ticket that you bought. How do you react?

A. I am on the fence as to what Agent Todd would do. On one hand, she could mock Tony with her lottery winnings. On the other hand, she does like to keep her personal life separate from her work. In the end, Agent Todd would have great difficulty hiding such a big event. She would announce it a few weeks after she wins, perhaps to inspire jealousy in Agent DiNozzo.

Q3. Your best friend has just achieved his or her dream goal. How do you show your support?

A. Agent Todd would be ecstatic for her best friend. She would leave work to support her friend, because Kate feels the joy of others. Her best friends joy would become a part of her joy.

Q4. Did Agent Caitlin Todd have any regrets about the way she lived? Would she do anything differently, if given a second chance?

A. Agent Todd is not particularly one to regret the way she lived her life, but she would definitely have liked to have another chance to kill Ari. She showed such high emotional support for Agent DiNozzo, by risking her own life, just to make him feel loved. This is truly an act of one who lives life consciously, and feels connected to others.

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