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Shante Abdo

Children in their first 2 years are fond of looking at colorful pictures. Once they saw anything that would amaze them, they become curious and would start asking questions to their mommies. This is a great opportunity for parents to reach out and teach them. Curiosity is their fuel to go on and learn. It is their motivation, but when this dies out, their learning ability will greatly be affected. Experts believed that curiosity may be the most essential factor for a child’s brain development, problem solving skills and academic tasks. Helping a child learn to help him or her satisfy the curiosity is a great skill that a parent can ever nurture. So, when a child shows initiative to learn at an early age, parents should devote and commit themselves to build on that curiosity.

Ability to read is one skill that parents would want their children to be trained. Being nurtured and developed, a person can learn more talent and skills. Teaching them to read should not be hard at all. You just have to know how to introduce it to them and make it look interesting. To catch children’s attention, one method to make reading fun and exciting is reading games.

Reading starts with phonetic sounds. In preparatory school, children are taught to speak and pronounce words correctly using phonetic sounds. Vowels are taught first followed by exercise drills. As the child gets familiar with it, consonants are then followed. This is what they call the Consonant Vowel Consonant or the CVC language. Reading games in the form of phonics learning games can be use as exercise drills or as student evaluation to assess performance.

One reading game you can use while your child is still learning his or her phonetics is Sorting ABC Game. To do so, you need to collect objects with names of the same sounds printed on a card. On a separate card, print the letter that it sounds. Again, make a second group with objects of the same sounds and its letter sound. Put the 2 letters on the floor or in a board if you have one creating a 2 separate column. Shuffle the pictures. Ask your child to correctly group the pictures by placing them under the letter that they sound. In this way, your child can easily remember the phonics sounds and the letters easily as he or she associates the sound to pictures.

You need to update reading games for your child. Of course, children are getting older. They need reading games that are applicable to their age. Do not let the activity bore them because it is either too manageable or too complicated for them.

As a suggestion, you need to look for suitable games for your children that illustrate more than on activity. Such games can help them grow for they are not limited to one skill alone. As they get better, you can introduce new rules and challenges that they need to overcome. Bigger number of skill makes a bigger level of curiosity and alertness.

To assist children to learn more, parents should commit time and give excellent reading materials. Reading games are great tools that can help parents make studying and reading a whole lot of fun. Bear in mind that educating them to read is also a way for getting them ready in advance.

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