Taking on the Challenge of Working From Home in Hard Times – How You Can Make it Work

Shante Abdo

Are you considering starting a home based business or taking on the challenge of working from home? Being self employed can be risky prospect, with no guaranteed paycheck to rely upon week after week. But the unfortunate fact is that in the current shaky economic climate working for an employer no longer provides such guarantees either, and every day people across the country are finding themselves staring at an unexpected pink slip over their morning coffee.

There are a myriad of opportunities available to those who want to work from home, whether they intend to do so fulltime, to replace perhaps a recently lost source of income, or on a part time basis to simply earn a little extra cash.

Working from home is never as easy as some of those slick ads you see on TV and on the Internet can make it sound. “Earn $1000 a day filling in surveys” or “Make $2,000 a day with Google while you sleep” they promise. Neither of these are a realistic representation of what can be earned from home. Probably the only people making $2,000 a day from Google while they sleep are Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the guys who invented it.

But on the other hand, Page and Brin are a great example of what hard work and perseverance can achieve for the self employed. What began as a college research project has become a multibillion dollar company that has changed the face of the Internet for good.

Working from home, or building a business from your home office is not easy, and will never be without challenges. But with the right attitude, a little careful research and a great deal of hard work your dream of being your own boss and making a living doing so can become a reality.

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