The Many Hats of an ATF Agent in the Criminal Justice Field

Shante Abdo

Society must find ways to deal with violent crimes. Oftentimes controlling the things that lead to these crimes play an important role in reducing them. This is where the ATF Agent comes in.

The US law gives the agent the power to combat the things that lead to these violent crimes. In this article, I will discuss the many hats an ATF Agent can wear in his or her quest to stop or reduce violent crime.

1. The ATF agent can be called to wear the hat of an investigator. When there is violent crime that involves firearms, an ATF agent may be called to investigate the source of the firearm.

In this investigation, the agent will trace the origin of the firearm used. This origin will start from the point of purchase to the point of manufacture. This way, it can be determined if the person that had the fireman had the right to have it.

2. The ATF agent can be called to wear the hat of a licenser. Federal laws require that people bearing arm be licensed. ATF agents are oftentimes asked to issue these licenses.

In the process of issuing this license, the agent must make sure the person applying for the license meets the basic qualifications for such license. The last thing you want is for known violent criminals to carry arms.

3. The ATF agent may be called to wear the hat of insurance fraud investigator. A lot of violent crimes involve arson and explosives. Usually the arson will involve using explosives to set things on fire for insurance benefits.

In this regard, the ATF agent must investigate to make sure an explosive incident was not done for the chance to collect profits from such incident. Doing this, the agent can save the public and insurance companies millions of dollars.

4. An ATF agent can be called to wear the hat of a regulator. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is in charge of regulating the manufacture of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in the United States.

For example, a tobacco company may have a new cigarette it wants to market to the public. ATF agent or agents will be charged with testing this new cigarette in the ATF lab. This test will determine if the cigarette can be released to the public.

Another example is the manufacture of firearms. Can you imagine the prospect of unregulated manufacture of firearms to the public? The current situation with all its regulations is violent enough. An unregulated firearms industry will be more violent than what we have today.

In summary, the ATF agent can indeed wear many hats. I have only scratched the surface. There are many more hats agents can be called to wear as they perform their day to day duties.

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