Trust God to Fulfil His Promises In All Situations – Quite A Challenge In These Present Days

Trust God to Fulfil His Promises In All Situations – Quite A Challenge In These Present Days

Yes – It can look quite a challenge at first sight – but when you emphasise trust, rather than trying, you discover it works wonderfully and satisfyingly.

Psalm 91 is all about peace in the midst of danger and difficulty.

Some ‘peaces’ are so fragile – many people fall for false peace – and false peace leads to anxiety and worse.

The world can be dangerous and filled with sorrow – the Psalmist knew the reality of danger. How can we have peace in a world like that?

There are promises in Psalm 91 – the Psalmist faces up to the difficulty by expounding the promises – supplying the solution.

You can trust God to keep you safe in times of danger.

Verse 2 – The Psalm opens with pictures of safety – you have to be in the shadow or shade to get out of the sun. There is a provision of security for God’s people – God’s shadow overshadowing us to secure us.

Verse 3 – He will deliver you. God draws us to Himself and He brings us into His presence. We need this dwelling place – we need to know the way home.

Fears can paralyse us. Pills and counselling are not very helpful when it comes to fear.

There is one fear which can deliver us from all other fears – the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. This fear involves a loving reverence and awe and admiration for our gracious God. We fear losing God’s smile upon us. This fear acts like a medicine getting to the roots and dealing with all other fears. Proverbs 9 verse 10

Verse 4 – Protection, safety and refuge – there are many predators.

God is never remote – He is tender and protective.

So – we can trust in Him – we can trust God. Trust means we believe that Almighty God is holding our life, and that He is constantly working to ensure His purposes and promises are brought to pass – even through our mistakes, flaws and imperfections.

Verse 5 – pestilence and disease – arrow depicting violence – no harm. Does that mean if bad things happen to us, we are not trusting God. No!

Fear can take on a different magnitude in the middle of the night.

What would Job have made of Psalm 91 – we need balance!

There is an enemy of God who would want us to believe that nothing bad can happen to us – because if it does, we may think we are not trusting God.

When Satan tempts Jesus he quotes from Psalm 91 in Luke 4.

Jesus knew Psalm 91 well – he also knew how to interpret and handle it.

God comes to reassure in time of trouble – and there will be times of trouble.

Why is there is so much suffering? Why is all this happening?

Who do you think puts that into people’s mind?

All things work TOGETHER for good – we must never miss out that word in Romans Chapter 8.

Remember Joseph – his early tragedies helped prevent a greater tragedy.

Luke 21 verses 16 to 19 provide balance – remember too how the early Church went out preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ with such authority and power! The real you will last. You will be ready to handle these things.

Verses 14 to 16 – God comes and speaks through the Psalmist – to comfort and reassure – if and when real dangers arises.

God will be with you – even in times of trouble and challenge.

In verses 14 – 16, there are SEVEN “I WILLS” – what God can and will do for you, as a disciple of Jesus Christ – these verses drew my attention last week when re-reading Psalm 91. I will rescue – protect – answer – be with him – deliver and honour – and satisfy.

We are the only faith that has a God who faced trouble – betrayal – suffering – and so much more. Jesus knows how I feel at times.

Luke 13 – O Jerusalem, Jerusalem – how I wanted to bring you under my wings. Jesus wanted to protect these people from sorrow and disaster.

Be willing to nestle under his wings – protected, secure, and safe.

“Gracious loving faithful Father – strengthen our faith – establish Your firm grip upon us – so that we might go on trusting You, no matter what situations and circumstances confront us. Hear our prayers for those whose faith is being attacked and undermined and challenged. Lord God help us no matter where we are – enable us to endure and overcome – through Jesus Christ.” Amen.

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