Universal Truths Are the Only Truths

Shante Abdo

It never ceases to amaze me how quite a few individuals imagine some thing that is totally untrue and tends to make no feeling by any means, they go on line to discover verification of what they believe that, they locate it and then think it is the gospel reality.

Just due to the fact you feel some thing won’t make it accurate. You can discover anything on the world wide web to backup something you think, that isn’t going to make it real, you are only parroting what an individual else thinks. They just materialize to feel what you believe to be true. That isn’t going to confirm just about anything apart from for the point that two or much more men and women feel the identical thing, no matter of it being true or not.

Fact is elusive and really hard to obtain, there are so many illusions out there. How can we ever decide what is correct and what is not? If we can’t discover the truth of the matter on the world-wide-web, in which can we find it?

The only truths are Universal Truths or the Legal guidelines of Nature or Nature’s God. They are the truths that have survived the test of time. They are the legislation that state if 1 does a particular action, you will get a certain consequence, these kinds of as gravity, or if you overspend as a particular person or country you will experience the implications.

These laws simply cannot be adjusted by congress or the supreme courtroom. They are unchangeable, irrespective if you think them or not. If you disobey the regulations, you will be punished, no if’s and’s or but’s.

These are the guidelines handed down by God, and preserved as a result of the ages by numerous of the so-identified as “key” societies. These are the laws that are presented in the bible as perfectly as numerous other religious and spiritual writings.

There is practically nothing mystical or secret about them. The only rationale they are top secret is mainly because so several people today are never exposed to them or if they are, they disregard them and consider the rules will not utilize to them. Boy are they in for a shock!

The unhappy element about it, just one would not even require to go wanting for them, they are buried deep inside of each and every and all people of us.They are the God In just, or our conscience. All we need to have to do is seem inside and they will be exposed to us.

How basic is that? Just park your ego at the doorway and go with what deep down inside of you know to be legitimate. Abide by that very simple rule and you will never ever go wrong.

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