Wedding Cake Toppers: Togetherness Ideas

Wedding Cake Toppers: Togetherness Ideas

It takes a lot of time to arrange a wedding to make it unique and memorable since it is the central part of the new relationship. Making it exceptional in every single detail includes the wedding topper as it represents the togetherness of the bride and the groom. A cake without an appropriate topper will make the whole wedding reception arrangement vain. You need to think deeply and choose wisely a topper that will give you the perfect meaning of your wedding.

You can amaze the spectators by presenting a soulful wedding tops or something very vivid which will help you remember and cherish the wedding reception day. These toppers will spread a wing full of love and romance and will show the value of your wedding. Do not forget to make things clear with the help of the topper that you and your better half vows together to go hand in hand both in the times of happiness and sorrows.

Today, wedding cake toppers are used to flaunt the tang of the wedding reception. You can customize your own topper or can follow the various cake topping ideas available in the market. Besides the traditional toppers which figurines the bride and groom in formal attire, you can find different interesting and incredible toppers as well.

Wedding toppers can be broken down in to two kinds:

• Serious

This kind of topper has limitations on the choices than the second option we are going to talk about. It is closer to the traditional toppers and it will, usually, have the groom in a black tuxedo and the bride in a beautiful white wedding gown.

• Funny

Funny wedding toppers are vivid and carry a sense of humor. If you are doctors, you can make the figurine of the bride and groom in the attire of doctors. You can use the tools used by doctors to support the topper and make it livelier. Other topper ideas like sceneries, animals, crafted ideas are also widely used.

• A duo

Choosing cake toppers does not have any limitations. You can add your own taste and themes to the existing ones. You can put in few additional toppers like flowers and other decorative crafts or something that represents your taste to the serious topping options. A blend of the serious and funny wedding cake topping will work wonders if chosen wisely.

In all, the wedding toppper you have chosen must represent a togetherness impression so that you can cherish the moment forever and ever.

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