What is it and Where to Find a Natal Chart Calculator

Shante Abdo

Whether you’re on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, or aren’t on social media at all, chances are you’ve noticed conversations relating to birth chart readings. For some of you, this may have sparked more of an interest in astrology reports. This guide aims to clear up any confusion you may have while providing you with sources to get a free astrology report or reliable natal chart reading.

What is a birth chart?

In Western astrology, people use the placement and movements of celestial objects in reference to the 12 zodiacs and their relationships with each other to determine outcomes. At the moment of your grand entrance into this dimension, all of the planets, asteroids, stars, and moons were in a specific position. When this information is drawn out, it displays the exact location of all the celestial objects down to their degree. This is then used to determine aspects (relationships between the celestial objects), presence or absence of stellium, nodes, etc. The wheel or circle-shaped sketch that displays this information is what we refer to as your birth chart or natal chart.

Understanding the signs

When someone says, “what’s your sign?” they’re referring to the sun sign in your birth chart. You’d get this information by using a natal chart calculator. These astrology report calculators will provide you with a breakdown of who you are according to the sun, moon, and stars. So, unless you’re a Populist (or someone who stereotypes each sign based on nothing but a birth date), your birth chart maps out more than just one star. This is true for both Sidereal and Tropical astrology, but since that’s a lot to unpack, we’ll just stick with the basics of Western (Tropical) stuff.

Understanding the zodiac signs, planets, and their relation to each other is the first step to deciphering astrology. So first, let’s start with the zodiac signs. There are four elements (or groups) of signs: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. Each of the elements has its own way of expressing energy and a “quality” or modality to it.

Along with the elements, the modality of a sign determines a sign’s expression or overall vibe. Fixed, mutable, and cardinal are the three types of modality. The elements and mode of a sign are what builds its archetype. For example, having an Aquarius sun is not the same as having an Aquarius moon. Although both planets are in Aquarius, how they communicate the traits or archetype of Aquarius is very different.

Each zodiac sign is also considered the “ruler” of a planet and corresponds with a particular house. The TL;DR here is that signs are responsible for how we act and react, but how each sign is expressed relies on its position in your chart (the house it’s in). But before we go too in-depth, let’s gloss over the signs.

The zodiac signs and what they mean


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. It’s a cardinal fire sign ruled by Mars, represented by The Ram and located from 0º to 30º on the zodiac wheel. People born between March 21 and April 19 are Aries suns. Planets in Aries will be expressed as assertive, strong-willed, and full of life energy.


The second sign of the zodiac is Taurus. Taurus is a fixed earth sign ruled by Venus, represented by The Bull, and it spans from 30º to 60º celestial longitude. Anyone born between April 20 and May 20 has their sun in the sign of Taurus. Planets in Taurus will be expressed with a determined, affectionate, and possessive attitude.


Gemini is a mutable air sign and the third of the zodiac. It’s ruled by Mercury, represented by The Twins, and spans from 60º to 90º in the zodiac wheel. Anyone born between May 21 and June 21 is a Gemini sun. Planets in Gemini will be expressed with inquisition, versatility, adaptability, and hospitality.


Following the fire, earth, and air comes Cancer, the first water sign of the zodiac, and it’s signified by The Crab. It spans from 90° to 120° of the zodiac wheel. Cancer is also a cardinal sign, but unlike Aries, it is ruled by the moon. Those born between June 22 and July 22 have their sun in Cancer. Planets in Cancer are embodied with intuitive, timid, emotional, and protective energy.


Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac and a fixed fire sign. It’s symbolized by The Lion, ruled by the sun, and the sign spans the 120º to 150º of the zodiac wheel. Anyone born between July 23 and August 22 has their sun in Leo which is a huge benefit. When a planet is in its home sign or its domicile, it’s extremely potent. Planets in Leo will be spirited, distinctive, and steadfast.


Coming in at the halfway point of the zodiac is Virgo, a mutable earth sign. It’s signified by The Virgin, ruled by Mercury, and spans the 150º to 180º of the zodiac. Anyone born between August 23 and September 22 has a Virgo sun. Planets in Virgo are highly analytical, methodical, pensive, and thoughtful.


Libra is the seventh in the line of the zodiac and it’s a cardinal air sign. Represented by the Scales and ruled by Venus, Libra spans 180°–210° celestial longitude. Anyone born between September 23 and October 22 has Libra as their sun sign. Planets in Libra favor charm, social grace, beauty, and harmony.


The eighth sign of the zodiac is Scorpio, a fixed water sign. Symbolized by The Scorpion, and ruled by Pluto and Mars, Scorpio sits at 210º to 240º of the zodiac wheel. People born between October 23 and November 21 are Scorpio suns. Planets in Scorpio are shadowy, deep, intense, and transformative.


Sagittarius, the ninth sign of the zodiac, is a mutable fire sign. Represented by both The Archer or The Centaur, it’s ruled by Jupiter and can be found at 240º to 270º of the zodiac wheel. If you were born between November 23 and December 21, your sun is in Sagittarius. Planets in Sagittarius are lucky, optimistic, philosophical, and unfettered.


The 10th zodiac is Capricorn, a cardinal earth sign ruled by Saturn and signified by the Goat (or SeaGoat). Capricorn can be found at 270º to 300º of the zodiac wheel and is the sun sign for anyone born between December 22 and January 19. Planets in Capricorn are ambitious, diplomatic, and authoritative.


Coming in at number 11 is Aquarius, a fixed air sign ruled by Saturn and Uranus. It’s represented by the Water Bearer, which is why it’s commonly mistaken as a water sign. Aquarius is located at 300º to 330º of the zodiac wheel. Anyone with an Aquarius sun must be born between January 20 and February 19. Planets in Aquarius are creative, altruistic, rebellious, and unique.


And last but not least is Pisces, a mutable water sign ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. Pisces is represented by the Fish and sits at 330º to 360º celestial longitude. Anyone born between February 20 and March 20 is a Pisces sun. Planets in Pisces are intuitive, creative, inspired, and sacrificial.

The Planets and what they mean

Traditionally speaking, Classical astrology (the umbrella term for what started all Traditional Western practices) maintains a focus on seven planets in five dignities. These planets are then broken out into two groups, inner or personal planets (what affects us on the individual level) and outer or generational/social planets. Social planets pertain to everyone with that placement, and its influence refers to a specific generation of society as a whole.

The dignities

Each of the planets also has its own “vibe” (either masculine or feminine) and affinity for daytime or nighttime. Depending on the time you were born, (a.m. or p.m.) the diurnal and nocturnal planets will be activated accordingly. The dignities determine the strength a particular celestial object has in any given sign. The five dignities are Domicile/Rulership, Detriment, Exalted, Fall, and Peregrine.

When a planet is in its Domicile, it’s in the sign that it rules. This is considered the strongest positive relationship a planet could have with the zodiac. When a planet is in its Detriment, it is opposite the sign it exudes leadership over. This causes its vibes to be less intense than the planets in domicile and in some cases can have a mute, nonexistent, or negative influence.

When a planet is exalted, it’s in a similar sign to its rulership but not in domicile. Exalted planets usually host a positive influence within the chart since it does gain strength from the exhalation. But when a planet is in the opposite sign of its exhalation, it’s in a highly-debilitated or depressed state known as its fall. Planets in fall have a tough time doing anything, so by merely existing it is losing strength and energy.

Chart displays the planets, their home sign (or domicile), their detriment, exaltation and fall.

Finally, if a planet is not in any of these distinct positions, it’s considered to be peregrine. Peregrine planets rely on the aspects (or angles) between other planets to decide what type of influence it will have on the chart. For example, if someone has a Leo sun, the influence of their sun in their birth chart will be stronger and more positive than someone with a Libra sun. The person with a Libra sun may act more like their moon or Venus sign, given the weak influence their sun has on their chart.

Liz Greene, an astrologer for Astro.com, does a really good job at providing in-depth descriptions of planets and their placement. You can choose to read the full-length version of her interpretations here or you can continue reading for my summaries.

The seven classical planets


Your sun sign is determined by the location of the sun at the moment of your birth. The sun changes positions 12x per year, in relation to the 12 signs of the zodiac. It’s the central aspect of your basic identity, and how you tie yourself together. The sun sets a very broad basis for your lifestyle. It can also represent our relationship with masculine and/or fatherly authority figures. The sun is an important consideration or luminary for those born during the daytime. It’s also the ruler of Sunday (get it, Sun-day), making the sun an important influence for anyone born on a Sunday.

The sun is at home (or domicile) in Leo. This is the most harmonious combination for both the sign of Leo and the sun. Its detriment is in Aquarius, which means anyone born under an Aquarius sun has their sun in its weakest position. The sun is exalted in Aries, which isn’t quite as a beneficial placement as Leo, but it’s by no means a negative precursor and still well-placed. Opposite of its exhalation is the sun’s fall in Libra. Libra suns are considered to be a debilitated or depressed placement since the sun loses its strength while placed here.


The moon is thought to be responsible for your emotional responses and subconscious behaviors. It determines how we care for ourselves, what we need to feel safe, and what the relationship with our maternal figure(s) are. The position of the moon at the time you were born is what decides your moon sign. If you were born at night, your moon sign is an important luminary for your birth chart readings. The moon also rules Monday.

The moon is said to be domicile when it’s in Cancer, detriment when it’s in Capricorn, exalted in Taurus, and in fall in Scorpio.

There are also two points relating to the moon that everyone should know about. The North Node and the South Node are opposites that disclose information about where you were and where you’re headed. The North Node or ascending node describes your path to enlightenment and what your soul seeks on this life’s journey. Your South Node or descending node tells the opposite story of where you come from and hints to past lives.


The position Mercury is in at the time of your entrance into this dimension is symbolic of your thought process, intellect, and communication skills. Mercury is the messenger and rules our electronics, day-to-day expressions, opinions, and how we debate and comprehend logic. Mercury is a neutral planet so how it affects you is largely up to the other aspects in your chart. Anyone born on a Wednesday is said to have mercurial influence.

With its rulership in Gemini and Virgo, Mercury is most comfortable when it’s in either of those signs. However, its exaltation is in Virgo, too. So people with Mercury in Virgo have quite the knack for communication. While its detriment is in Sagittarius and Pisces, people with Mercury in Pisces also have to deal with a debilitated Mercury as the planet’s fall is in Pisces, too.


Venus signifies how you express your love, creativity, and attraction. Whatever sign Venus is in at the time of birth is responsible for your relationship with art, finances, and material possessions as well as your love language, your values, personal taste/aesthetics, and what traits you find appealing. Venus exudes feminine energy and hosts the most positive influence for those born at night. As The Cure once said, “Friday, I’m in love!” and that’s because Venus rules Friday.

Venus is domicile in Taurus and Libra, exalted in Pisces, has detriment in Scorpio and Aries, and falls in Virgo.


Mars is the planet of action, aggression, war, and separation. Its position in celestial longitude influences how you assert yourself, progress towards goals, take action or exert force, and defend what you care about. Mars’ masculine energy can also be interpreted as representing siblings, the men in your life, and any struggles or blockages you may need to straighten out. For people born during the day, Mars will prove to be your challenger. Those born on a Tuesday can thank Mars for their assertiveness and drive.

Mars’ rulership is in Aries and Scorpio, exaltation in Capricorn, detriment in Libra and Taurus, and fall is in Cancer.


Traditionally referred to as the “Planet of Good Fortune,” this social planet is thought to describe the abundance in our lives and what we find enjoyable. Jupiter signifies expansion, personal growth, philosophy, and understanding. Those with strong Jupiter influences will be drawn to travel, furthering education and knowledge, spirituality, and opportunities. Jupiter has masculine energy and hosts the most positive influence for people born during the day since it is diurnal. Folks born on a Thursday have Jupiter to thank for their luck and inquisitive nature.

Jupiter has rulership in Sagittarius and Pisces, exaltation in Cancer, detriment in Gemini and Virgo, and it falls in Capricorn.


The second social planet, Saturn symbolizes structure and lessons to be learned. Saturn’s influence is also interpreted as the planet of authority (including father-figures), the world’s leader, and time itself. It highlights hardships that we need to overcome, as well as any areas of life we need to concentrate on to better ourselves. Saturn exudes feminine energy and like Jupiter, is also diurnal. For anyone born at night, Saturn proves to be your toughest challenger. Saturday proves to be full of life lessons, thanks to its Saturn rulership.

Saturn’s domicile is in Capricorn and Aquarius. It’s exaltation is in Libra, detriment in Cancer and Leo, and its fall is in Aries.

Other planets and celestial objects to be considered in birth chart calculations

We’ve come a long way since the beginning of the 19th century, so it only makes sense that astrology would too. Today, modern astrologers take 10 planets into consideration, plus a number of asteroids, planet aspects, and other contingencies dependent upon the branch of astrology. The revised list of celestial objects includes all seven of the Classical planets plus those listed below.


Deals with personal freedoms, enlightenment, and change. Its placement in our charts can represent unconventional beliefs on the individual level as well as liberations, earthquake-energy in the social/outer world. Since it rules Aquarius, Uranus has been likened to the “Awakener.” It may be a great innovator, but not all change is done comfortably.

Uranus is at home in Aquarius, exalted in Scorpio, and detriment in Leo. Its fall is in Taurus.


Neptune is illustrative of inspiration, spirituality, illusion, and transcendence. Finding Neptune’s placement in a chart can illuminate where we find psychic powers, enchantment, otherworldly connection, and the sense of “oneness” with the universe.

Neptune’s rulership is in Pisces, and its exaltation in Leo. Its detriment is in Virgo, and its fall in Aquarius.


The figure of transformation, Pluto details themes of taboo subjects, sexuality, healing, and the underworld. Simply, Pluto is responsible for communicating the subjects we don’t like to converse about with strangers. Crisis, trauma, the subconscious, and devilish delights are all Pluto’s forte.

Pluto’s domicile is in Scorpio, while its exaltation is in Aries. Its detriment is in Taurus and its fall in Libra.

In addition to planets, there are also a few major asteroids that astrologers use for their predictions. To make it less confusing, I’m only going to mention the two I find the most important.


Chiron is a planetoid or a celestial object that’s not quite a planet or an asteroid. Falling somewhere in between these two qualifications, Chiron has a lot to say about our vulnerabilities. Known as the “wounded healer,” Chiron’s purpose is to remind us that we are strong and capable of overcoming even the worst baggage. Chiron’s interpretation in birth chart readings will usually relate back to repeated confrontations with our weak spots or vulnerabilities. What are our coping mechanisms? How do we deal with vulnerability in relationships? What cycles do we keep repeating that we should focus on breaking?

Black Moon Lilith

This is arguably one of the most important points used for forecasting personal relationships. The Black Moon Lilith is neither a planet nor an asteroid, instead, it’s a point that lives in our charts. More specifically, Black Moon Lilith is the farthest point on our moon’s elliptical. It reveals what we’ve worked to repress. This includes our sexuality, the dark side of our personality, parts of our subconscious, our impulses, and what makes us feel vulnerable or seen.

It’s worth noting that there are three “versions” of Lilith in astrology and Black Moon Lilith is just one of them. Others include the asteroid Lilith and Dark Moon Lilith.

By no means is this a complete list of points and celestial objects interpreted during a reading. There’s literally a universe of considerations out there, these are just a few that come up most often.

The Houses and what they mean

When referring to a planet’s location in a natal chart, astrologers use the term “house” to encompass a given set of degree measurements. Each house has its own set of responsibilities that relate to a distinct area of life.

The First House

The first house is home to the Ascendant, which dictates your sense of identity and physical appearance. A lot of people relate the first house to your ego and that’s a pretty good summation.

When you read a horoscope, you should be reading for your Ascendant (or rising sign). This is because your Ascendant falls in or on the cusp of your first house, which lays out how the rest of your chart looks. Sun sign-focused astrology wasn’t around until R.H. Naylor decided newspapers needed a more simplified system in 1930. And as you may or may not know, the practice of astrology is much, much older than that. That said, reading for your sun sign isn’t completely wrong but it’s not as accurate of a forecast as reading for your Ascendant.

The Second House

This is where we talk about money, material possessions, spirituality, self-worth, and values. The Second House is responsible for supporting what’s laid out in the first.

The Third House

When it comes to the third house, think C: curiosity, communication, and consciousness. The third house is also closely related to siblings, but it more so focuses on how we react to and learn from our immediate environment.

The Fourth House

The fourth house is where we set our roots. It rules our home, domestic affairs, and what we spend time nurturing. This is we go for some TLC.

The Fifth House

Considered the house of pleasure, the fifth house is our space for entertainment and creative expression. It controls our romantic lives, eroticism, and sexual proclivities. The fifth house also explains how we relate to children and life’s simple pleasures.

The Sixth House

The Sixth House is all about routines and what goes into them. Details, planning, refinement, and the technicalities and circumstances surrounding our daily lives are perfected here.

The Seventh House

The Seventh House reigns over all relationships––business, personal, and romantic. You can look here for guidance relating to marriage, partners, legal affairs, and how you cooperate with others.

The Eighth House

The eighth house manages taxes, death, shared income, and legacies. It’s everything we wouldn’t want to talk about with someone we’re not bonded with.

The Ninth House

The ninth house is where we look to indulge in topics like knowledge, travel, higher education, religion, and philosophical discussions.

The Tenth House

Also known as the “Midheaven,” the 10th House rules your career path, your reputation, responsibilities, achievements, and self-discipline. It’s also home to generational development or what we become. This is where we go when we ask ourselves “what do I want to be?” or “what do I want to do with my life?”

The Eleventh House

This is the social network of your starry alignment. The eleventh house deals with social alliances and how we relate to people with shared interests/opinions.

The Twelfth House

The 12th house sets boundaries between you and your unconscious as well as other human beings. It deals with magic/the occult, secrecy, and privacy.

Aspects: Inter-planetary relationships’ role in natal chart readings

As planets are the What, houses are the Where, and zodiac signs are the How, aspects are the why. Aspects are just planets’ relationships with each other and other celestial objects. Depending on where they’re located in relation to each other will affect how they’re expressed.


Planets are conjunct when there are two or more of them within 0º to 8º of each other. Conjunctions are a largely positive aspect, a blend of energies that work together and influence each other.


Planets are opposite each other when they have 180º of separation. This type of placement is also positive since it enables the opposing planets to have a conversation. But like any conversation, there can be bouts of tension before anyone is able to meet in the middle.

Inconjunct (sometimes called Quincunx)

When planets are inconjunct they’re 150º apart from each other and of different elements and modes. This is not a beneficial aspect because the planets have a considerable amount of differences which makes it difficult to communicate effectively. When this manifests, it’s described as feeling as if you’re at war with yourself and can be highly irritating.


If planets are 120º apart from each other, they’re trine. These tend to be harmonious combinations of energy that allow planets to work together. Grand trines involve three planets in the same element which astrologers look to as “natural gifts.”

Square (or Quadrature)

Celestial objects that are square have only 90º of separation, which creates a lot of tension. Think of the saying “square off,” it’s like a battle to see which planetary energy gets the last say. When four planets are within 90º of each other, they form a Grand Cross or Grand Square. These are highly analytical and inflexible aspects that represent a challenge you can’t avoid. But for it to be considered a Grand Cross, all of the planets must be in the same mode (cardinal, mutable, or fixed) and different elements (fire, air, earth, water).


Planets that are sextile have only 60º separating them from each other. This positioning can go either way, depending upon the planets involved. Sometimes it’s a positive effect, other times it breeds a tougher consequence.

Where to get a birth chart reading

Learning how to read a birth chart isn’t easy. Deciphering astrology takes a lot of time, dedication, and practice. But utilizing reliable natal chart calculators and paying for professional readings will really make a difference.

Best sites for online birth chart readings

Listed below are a few of my most trusted sources for free birth chart calculators and full astrology reports.


Interested in an online natal chart reading? The online psychics over at Keen know what they’re doing. Although the site has low ratings on customer review services like SiteJabber, you’ll see most of the complaints aren’t about the readings themselves but how the site runs its payment options. To avoid conflict, reviewers recommend only loading the amount of money you plan to use for a reading at any given time. Because if you upload $40, spend $15 on a call and then forget about the balance and let sit too long, Keen will deduct value for “inactivity.”

Keen is also offering all new users three free minutes to use towards any reading!

New members get 3 minutes free!


Founded in 1999, Kasamba has become the world’s largest site for Vedic astrology readings. Psychics create a profile advertising their services and rates, and users can rate and discuss their experience directly on-site or by using the mobile app. Kasamba psychics are available 24/7 and offer a variety of readings such as love tarot readings, personal astrology readings, and more.

Currently, Kasamba is offering new clients 50% off their first session as well as three free minutes to chat with an online psychic.

(regularly $5.99)


To help you get to your online astrology reading sooner, PsychicSource.com offers a “Find a Psychic” tool. This feature matches you to a trusted psychic based on your answers to a short quiz.  The readings provided by PsychicSource.com will also benefit communities in need of support. A portion of the proceeds from each reading supports the site’s Kindness Initiative. The Kindness Initiative donates to a variety of nonprofits, all of which benefit different movements. Some of the charities that PsychicSource supported in the past include the National Center for Housing and Child Welfare, Futures Without Violence, and Paws With a Cause.

As of right now, PsychicSource.com is offering new users a low rate of $1/minute (plus three free minutes) for their first session.

1/min (Regularly $5.99+/min)

Chani Nicholas

Chani Nicholas is another successful astrologer. Based out of Canada, Nicholas has clients all over the world and is constantly in the feeds of celebrities and everyday people across the globe. Nicholas is a renowned author with a library of books discussing astrology. She recently launched an app that puts Co-Star and Pattern to shame. Her website offers a very brief birth chart analysis. For beginner astrologers, this is one of my favorite sources to recommend. Chani’s birth chart calculator provides users with a circle chart as well as a guide to their placements. The calculator won’t interpret the placements in detail for you, but it’s nothing you can’t research! She also offers a variety of workshops that will help you understand the basics of astrology, synastry charts, eclipses, and so much more.

Currently, Nicholas’ site doesn’t feature any horoscopes or forecasts, but if you have a smartphone or tablet don’t hesitate to download her app CHANI. It’s free to download and use, if you want more in-depth predictions, meditation and manifestation guides, or altar suggestions, you’ll have to subscribe.


Mecca Woods decided to open her Astro coaching practice after having applied the same practices to better her own life. Woods trained at the Rebecca Gordon Astrology Mentorship Program and has dedicated herself to teaching others how to better tap into their own natural-born gifts. Her work is featured in publications like Bustle, Girlboss, Refinery 29, and more. And her horoscopes are sure to be insightful and easy to understand. If you want a personal reading from her, you will need to get a head start on the calendar and book in advance. So run over to MyLifeCreated and hop on the waitlist to secure a spot for next year! While you’re there, browse through the monthly horoscopes available through her site.

Natal chart reading (90 mins) $145
Synastry reading (90 mins) $200
Solar return reading (60 mins) $100
Kids’ reading (45 mins) $85
Birthday chart reading gift certificate $100
Natal chart reading gift certificate $145

Cam White Astro

Created by renowned astrologist Cam White, this site offers various consultations given by White himself. With a background in Pagan witchcraft and traditional astrology, Cam has synthesized both practices together to be able to give “the most literal and easily understood interpretations” during your session. The biggest plus to seeking out Cam as a potential advisor is he’s just as good at making predictions as he is helping you understand it. Just check out one of his many YouTube videos to see what I mean! Getting a sense of his practices and outlook will be a lot easier and can result in a more symbiotic relationship and better advisement.  

Natal chart consultation (1 hour) $135
Current conditions consultation (1 hour) $175
Solar return reading (1 hour) $135
Jupiter consultation (30 mins) $75
Follow-up consultation (30 mins) $70

Charm Astrology & Tarot

Interested in more than just the mainstream types of astrology reports? Charm Torres is the reader you need. She has been working as a professional astrologer since 2018 and has all the certifications to prove it. But her experience with astrology spans more than just these last two years. She started a formal mentorship in 2016 and completed multiple levels of curriculum including the foundations of humanistic and psychological astrology, modern predictive and relationship techniques. Before her journey into professional astrology services, Charm was actually a registered nurse in Ontario. Clearly, she has a passion for helping others! Charm offers more than just birth charts and astrology-specific readings, too. In addition to these zodiac-related readings, she offers tarot readings on a sliding scale.

Tarot readings (30-60 mins) Sliding scale
Birth chart reading $77
Birth chart + year ahead reading $127
Year ahead astrology reading $77
Month ahead $27
Locational astrology reading Sliding scale
Saturn return reading $39

Patrick Watson

Patrick Watson is a professional astrologer based in Arizona but he’s originally from the UK. He’s been practicing astrology since he was 15 years old and his talents speak for themselves. Watson has worked alongside renowned astrologers like Chris Brennan. In the spring of 2012, Watson and Brennan publicly issued an accurate prediction that Barack Obama would win the 2012 US presidential elections. Most recently, he accurately predicted the day of President Trump’s concession. By day, he is a music teacher, by night he is an astrologer, blogger, researcher, and astrology tutor!

Rectification consultation (60 mins) $175
Electional consultation $125
Horary consultation $50
General consultation (60 mins) $99*
*Normally $150, but Watson is offering a discount for the duration of the pandemic

Oracular Jake

With a background in social work and psychology, Jake makes sure to handle sensitive topics delicately and with compassion. As a gay white man who attended an HBCU to study social work, Jake feels well-informed and comfortable enough to discuss topics relating to race and racism. And in an effort to dismantle gender roles and heteronormativity, he has removed gendered language from his astrology practice. You just can’t say that about anyone! Jake offers multiple types of readings from natal charts to horary questions and everything in between. His prices are pretty affordable too. So regardless of your price range, Jake wants you to have access to professional-level guidance. His services begin at $30 and continue into the $100 range.

30 minute natal chart reading $50
60 minute natal chart reading $100

Free natal chart calculators


Astro.com is personally my favorite online astrology chart reading site. By using the AstroClick Portrait, clients can receive a free birth chart map and brief descriptions of what each placement means. Additionally, the site offers in-depth love and life readings, a breakdown of all the current transits, and over a dozen free forecasts. Astro.com also hosts a wiki and community forum which is great for those looking to teach themselves more about the practice, connect with a local astrologer, or learn how to read a birth chart.

Most of the services are free, but if you want to unlock all the site has to offer you’ll have to pay for it.


List of astrology reports available on astrotheme

AstroTheme is also one of my personal favorite free birth chart calculators. The site is great for examining online astrology readings other than just your birth chart. AstroTheme hosts a full library of literature for those of you looking for easy-to-digest material. There’s also a world of information on celebrities and their charts. While this site may seem geared toward beginners, I would suggest everyone check it out. AstroTheme does a fantastic job of going into deep detail and thoroughly explaining its predictions. It’s a solid site for anyone looking to teach themselves the basics of astrology or expand their knowledge.

A majority of AstroTheme’s literature and basic horoscopes are available for free. But if you want a personalized birth chart reading, you’ll have to order one.

Astrological portrait $40.65
12-month forecast $37.25
Career and vocation report $29.80
Standard compatibility report $31.45
Horary astrology $14.95
Child astrological portrait $28.50
Solar revolution $25.50


If you’re a DIY type who is just beginning to dip your toes into the meanings of the planets, stars, and asteroids, AstroLabe is a perfect starting point. And you’ll be happy to know that the watered-down version of that chart is available to use for free. However, if you want a professional-grade, full astrology reading that really gets into all the nitty-gritty details of your alignment, it’ll cost you only $25.

Like other online astrology reading sites, AstroLabe hosts a library of literature as well as a list of recommendations for further study. This site’s predictions are trustworthy and easy to digest, which is great for beginners. More advanced astrology students may find it falls below their abilities, though.

Full birth chart report $25


AstroStyle's free astrology horoscope page

Another fabulous (and free) online astrology reading site, AstroStyle is a great place for beginners. This site makes finding information easy and fun. So if you’ve never touched astrology before now, doing so will be easy here.

Most of the content offered by the AstroTwins on this site is free. However, there is also the option to sign up for astrology webinars and purchase books developed by the sisters. All of which vary in price, access will cost you anywhere from $9.99 to $199.

Additionally, if you want a full birth chart report, you can purchase that through the site’s partnership with AstroLabe. Prices for these premium services aren’t as high as other astrology sites, making it a great option for people on a budget. It’s an affordable option for beginners learning to grasp the basics of astrology.

Full birth chart reading $25
Home address numerology $14.99
Astrology fundamentals $89.99


Run by astrologer Susan Miller, AstrologyZone.com is one of the best astrology sites for love-related readings. Since 1995, Astrology Zone has offered users a number of free services like compatibility readings, daily and monthly horoscopes, literature for learning about astrology, and online astrology chart reading. There are also options to purchase more in-depth horoscopes. AstrologyZone is by far one of the best free horoscope sites out there.

Astrology Zone
1 month subscription $4.99
3 month subscription $12.99
1 year subscription $49.99


Looking for free access to astrology reports and horoscopes? Astrology.com has exactly what you’re looking for. The site offers daily horoscopes, free live tarot reading, and even lengthier readings to help you dive deeper into your birth chart and what it means.

All of the content on the site is free, except for the personalized readings which are provided by Keen advisors.


If you’re looking for a horoscope site that offers more than just an online astrology reading, Horoscope.com should be your source. The site offers users free horoscope readings, tarot, access to live psychics, and more.

All of the content on the site is free, except for the personalized readings which are provided by Keen advisors.

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