Enjoy Ghost Stories on Satellite TV Told by Celebrities

Shante Abdo

For those who enjoy good old fashioned storytelling, there’s nothing better than turning on some of the programs on the new network Bio. It can be a relaxing experience to sit back and listen to someone telling you a story, an experience that most of us have not had since we were young children. However, slightly less relaxing and slightly more spine chilling are some of the new ghost story programs currently airing on the Bio network. Not only are there every day Joes telling us about their supernatural experiences, but celebrities telling their tales on the appropriately titled program ‘Celebrity Ghost Stories.’ For a perfectly chilling evening, try cuddling up with a trusted friend or significant other under the blankets, turning on the satellite TV, and enjoying an evening of telling ghost stories.

In the first few episodes, hear about professional basketball players whose lives were saved by the ghost of a friend, young housewives who angered the deceased family members of their in-laws, little girls with ghostly friends, ghostly encounters at the Chelsea Hotel, and new husbands who enraged the long-gone exes. There are as many ghost stories amongst the celebrity community as those amongst everyday people, and with a little bit of extra credibility to their names it’s even more exciting to see how the supernatural may have touched celebrity lives.

While watching in high definition is always exciting, rather than relying on spooky 3D effects or gimmicks, these programs are purely about the psychological aspect of the scare. With each episode chronicling several celebrities stories the pace moves along quite nicely with enough information to get you involved in the story, but not enough to create a drawn out web of detail. Turning out the lights and hearing about how ghosts and supernatural phenomenon can trickle into the waking world is sure to have you wondering about whether you’re due for a supernatural experience of your own any day soon.

If you can’t get your fill with the celebrity ghost stories, try other programs on the Bio network including regular ghost stories, and the program ‘I Survived,’ which tells amazing, first person stories of survival against all odds. From those brutalized by sexual deviants to those mauled by wild animals, it’s amazing to think that anyone could live through some of these real life ghastly encounters against man, beast, and circumstance.

For more ghost related programming on satellite TV, try shows like ‘Ghost Hunters,’ a program in which the team go in search of scientific evidence to prove the existence of our departed counterparts. With many techniques and methods of collection of evidence, it’s possible to see science in action and watch real video and listen to real audio of recordings that may just be from the great beyond. If looking for some real suspense, also try the many movie channels with pay per view and on demand options available any time of day or night to enjoy a good scare! Remember to turn up the surround sound, and try not to get to scared with a night of spooky satellite TV entertainment!

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