Make a Woman Want You Through Challenge

Make a Woman Want You Through Challenge

It is an overlooked way to make a woman want you but CHALLENGE is literally the most powerful weapon in your arsenal.

Are you often frustrated that the “bad boy” is the guy she wants? Yeah, she says that she wants a nice and sensitive guy but when that guy shows up, what happens?

“Gee, I thought that is what I wanted but really, I am not sure what I want,” is a statement that I can hear from her now.

No, women do not want the nice, sensitive guy (the wimp). They will put up with the macho boy for a little while because he represents a NEGATIVE challenge but what they really want is a gentleman.

The gentleman is a perfect cross between the nice/sensitive guy and macho boy.

He is nice enough and has enough empathy to be a guy she can easily communicate with but he is not going to let her run him over either.

The gentleman knows that he needs to be a POSITIVE challenge to her.

He will take her out, hold her chair, not look at other women, open her door, make her laugh and show her a great time where she will laugh a ton.

After the date, does she hear from him the next day? No. 2 days later? Nope. All right, 4 days later? Uh uh.

Try 5 to 9 days later.


As she is laughing and having that good time, she is building up feelings for him. If he gets in her face too soon after the early dates, before her feelings are fully developed, he interrupts the natural process of her falling in love.

The gentleman understands that he cannot be too available. He understands he needs some of those “bad boy” characteristics. He is not going to be an aggressive jerk like macho boy either.

She will WONDER if he likes her. She will WONDER if he is seeing other women. She will WONDER what he is up to because she had such a good time and is not sure why he is so unavailable.

If a man will control his own feelings and go in SLOWLY in the first 10 dates/60 days of a relationship by waiting 5-9 days to call between dates and having minimal to no contact in that time period, he will find that she will be a ton more responsive.

Most every guy calls within a few days. Most every guy wants to see her too often, too early in the relationship. Most every guy is in her face because he wants to prove how much he likes her and does not want another guy to edge him out.

The guy that understands challenge and understands that POSITIVE challenge is the way to go, is the guy that makes a woman want him.

Remember guys, you can never go in too slowly but you can rush into rejection.

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