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Shante Abdo

Benefits of using a buyers agent to purchase a home

Your agent will enter into the multiple listing service system your requirements for a home. They will be notified any time a property meets your specific criteria and report those findings to you. The agent will then arrange a personal showing of those homes.
Your agent will arrange to get you pre-approved with a lender (if you haven’t already done so). With pre-approval, your offer will be stronger because you have the ability to perform. You will also know the maximum dollar amount that you can purchase.

Your agent will give you their professional opinion regarding the price, location, and condition of any property that you are considering purchasing.

Your agent will review and explain all the forms that you will be signing: disclosures, disclaimers, rights of recession and so on. You will have the explanation and reason for every form that you sign.

Once we have successfully negotiated a purchase agreement, your agent will help you select a home inspector. After inspection, they will review the report to determine if any negotiation is needed with the seller regarding the repairs.

If there are any lender required repairs or conditions resulting from the home inspection or appraisal, your agent will negotiate these items with the seller. A buyers agent represents you, the purchasers, and your best interests are always their number one concern.

Prior to signing all the closing documents, your agent will review the purchase agreement to ensure all conditions have been met. This will protect you from any last minute surprises and ensure a smooth closing.

Buyer’s agents work strictly for the home buyer; searching, previewing and showing homes that meet your specific criteria. Most of all, buyers agents fees all almost always paid by the seller, that’s no money out of your pocket.

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